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Meeting Schedule: OSC meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the 1910 Town Office Building, 2nd floor hearing room, located at 381 Main Street in West Newbury.


     Located 40 miles north of Boston, West Newbury is a delightful community characterized by rolling hills with broad valleys and an unspoiled rural charm.  A groundswell of public support for and interest in the preservation of West Newbury’s rural character and open space first found voice in the 1996 Open Space and Recreation Plan.  The Town has supported – both at the ballot box and at Town Meeting – all nine open space initiatives put before it since 1996.  That support has continued to grow and shows no sign of abatement.

     The mandate of the Open Space & Recreation Plan is to preserve what remains of the rural character of the Town by identifying long-term goals and by taking practical, pro-active steps to meet the challenge of development pressure.  The Plan seeks to be a useful tool for the community towards achieving the goals identified through the 2009 OSRP planning process.  The Open Space and Recreation Plan is designed to help continue the long-term, dynamic, and ongoing process by which the Town evaluates and addresses its open space and recreation needs in the coming years.

     The Open Space Committee provides advice and support to the Board of Selectman and the town on issues relevant to open space protection, stewardship and use.  OSC also manages a large network of Public Trails in West Newbury, with the goal of creating an 'emerald necklace', by utilizing town-owned land and trail easements for the community to enjoy.    We welcome public participation in all of our meetings and activities.  We hope that you find this website useful for learning about our committee activities, and about the many open space resources available here in town.

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The Mullen Property is located between Main Street and Church Street and contains 34 acres of town municipal land.  Open Space Committee is looking for volunteers to help develop a new trail network this winter.


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The West Newbury Open Space Committee is always seeking volunteers to help keep our trails in good condition. Interested? Email us
2016 Committee Members

The West Newbury Open Space Committee is comprised of volunteers appointed by the West Newbury Board of Selectmen.

Visit the Town's website below:

Dawne Fusco: June 2017
Don Bourquard: June 2019
John Dodge: June 2019
Jennifer Germain: June 2017
 Steve Greason: June 2018
Jean Lambert, CoChair: June 2018
Patrica Reeser, Chair: June 2019
 Associate Members:
Brad Buschur: June 2017
Marlene Switzer: June 2017

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