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What is a Trail Easement? 

    Trail easements are legally enforceable agreements between a landowner and a trail organization or local or state agency through which the owner of land promises to allow permanent access through his/her property in the form of a trail. This trail easement runs with the land and is binding on future owners. 

     A trail easement is much like a right-of-way. The easement assures connectivity for the trail from one side of the property to the other as it passes onto neighboring properties. Some easements contain a provision for the relocation of the trail at the landowner’s request. Trail easements are the best tool for permanent trail protection. They are permanent and appear on the title of property at the Registry of Deeds in Salem, Massachusetts.

Where are Trail Easements Located?

See our Poster Exhibit at the G.A.R. Memorial Library!


Contact Information for Arranging Easements:

  »Email the Open Space Committee

  »Board of Selectmen's Office: 978-363-1100 (Ext 115) 

 »Conservation Commission Office: 978-363-1100 (Ext 126)

 »Essex County Greenbelt: 978-768-7241 (Ext 16)

 »Essex County Trails Association: 978-488-1133 or visit ectaonline.org




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