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Featured Trails

   Welcome to our photo journal webpage!  This is where we post pictures provided by Open Space Committee members, volunteers and the public showcasing many of our featured trails and special places here in town.  If you have a picture you would like to share, please email us.  



Pictures of West Newbury... 

    Aerial photo of downtown West Newbury.  Photo by Barry Kaplan/tfiphoto.com           

   Moulton Street Doorway.  Photo from 2003 OS&R Plan   Cow pasture.  Photo by Annie Madden   View of Haverhill from West Newbury.  Photo by Annie Madden   Clark Gown's Field.  Photo from 2003 OS&R Plan  

   Mill Pond & Pipestave Hill Area...        

  Aerial view of Pipestave Hill.  Photo taken from 2003 OS&R Plan  Baseball fields at Pipestave Hill.  Photo by Steve Greason  Entrance to Pipestave Hill on Route 133.  Photo by Steve Greason  Trail near Mill Pond.  Photo by Annie Madden  Public dock on Mill Pond.  Photo by Steve Greason  White pines near cabin on Mill Pond.  Photo by Steve Greason     

   Riverbend Trails on Merrimack and Indian River...   See our Riverbend webpage for more photos

  Tidal marsh along Merrimack river on River Road.  Photo by Steve Greason   Tidal marsh on Indian Hill River.  Photo by Steve Greason    Dam ruins on Indian River below Page School.  Photo by Steve Greason    

   Quaker Cemetery & Artichoke Reservoir...

  Artichoke Reservoir from Curzon Mill Bridge.  Photo from 2003 OS&R Plan   Entrance to cemetery from Turkey Hill Road.  Photo by Steve Greason   Artichoke Reservoir from shoreline.  Photo by Steve Greason  Flock of canada geese.  Photo by Steve Greason  Shoreline trail past the cemetery.  Photo by Steve Greason  Fisherman's Trail sign at cemetery.  Photo by Steve Greason

   Pikes Bridge Road & Artichoke River...

      Marsh and fields along road.  Photo by Steve Greason  Artichoke river from trail.  Photo by Steve Greason   Artichoke tributary along trail.  Photo by Steve Greason   Family of turtles.  Photo by Annie Madden

   Indian Hill Farm Reservation...   ECGA webpage describing site with PDF map

  Large sugar maples near summit.  Photo by Steve Greason   View north toward Newburyport on summit.  Photo by Steve Greason   Indian Hill Farm Reservation.  Photo by Annie Madden   Stone walls in Indian Hill woods.  Photo by Annie Madden   Baby robbins.  Photo by Annie Madden

   Indian Hill Reservoir...

  Indian Hill Reservoir from Moulton Street.  Photo by Steve Greason   Farm house along Moulton Street.  Photo by Annie Madden   View of Indian Hill from reservoir.  Photo by Annie Madden   Fall folliage along shoreline.  Photo by Annie Madden   Canada Geese.  Photo by Annie Madden

   Crane Pond Wildlife Management Area...     Crane Pond - Groveland MVPC trail map

  Wild cranberry meadows.  Photo from 2003 OS&R Plan   View of Crane Pond from Brown Island.  Photo by Steve Greason   Crane Pond frozen in winter.  Photo by Steve Greason   Large rocky outcrops.  Photo by Steve Greason  


   Brake Hill...   See Trail Map

Trail junction on Groveland Loop.  Photo by Steve Greason   Standpipe water tower near top of Brake Hill.  Photo by Steve Greason          

   Chestnut Hill Farm...   See Trail map

View of field near parking lot.  Photo by Steve Greason   The Overlook near Merrimack River.  Photo by Steve Greason   Sandy shoreline along Merrimack River.  Photo by Steve Greason



Blog site with photos available...

See blog site with photos from a dog's point of view


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