Land Protected and Lost:
Chapter 61 Program, Jan 2016



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Mass DCR Brochure
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Town ROFR Procedure


Speak of the Land: A Map Based on the Oral History 2009

Visit the G.A.R. Library in West Newbury to see a video published by the Historial Society called "Rick Thurlow: Long-Ago Names of West Newbury, Nov. 18, 2010"


Other Maps Available Showing West Newbury's History...


Map of Newbury Parish 1729




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The following inventory maps were published in the West Newbury Open Space & Recreation Plan in 2009.  Click to enlarge images: 

See the 2009 5-Year Open Space & Recreation Plan



Regional Context Map




Open Space Map


Desired Action Plan Map




Town Zoning Map (2012 Edition) 


Change in Development Map




Town Road and Water Service Map



Water Resources Map


Unique Features Map



Soils Type Map


Geographical Areas of West Newbury



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