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Please respect private property where posted





NOTE:  You are 100% responsible for your own safety on all properties.   See Mass. Gen. Law Chapter 21 Section 17C.

Many trails are unmarked and not maintained.  Expect ticks and take precautions.  Please obey all posted rules & respect private property.  Unless specifically permitted, areas are only open from dawn to dusk, and no hunting, fires, alcohol or motorized vehicles are allowed.  Wear orange in December during hunting season.


West Newbury has 30 miles of trails open to the public.  If you would like to help maintain trails or have a project to suggest, please contact us.  Trail activities must adhere to State wetland regulations and meet requirements set by the Conservation Commission.

 Trail Maps Available...




Entrance to Mill Pond on Route 113  1. Mill Pond & Pipestave Hill:

   Multi use trails of varying length, type and difficulty.  This is the largest trail network in West Newbury and is 270 acres in size.  Most trails are marked and maintained.  Popular with dogs and horses and skating on the pond in winter.  Trails are linked across Route 113 to Riverbend and the Page School.  Maps are available at kiosks located at Mill Pond and Pipestave Hill parking lots.       








See ECTA trail map available in PDF format...











 Mill Pond & Pipestave Hill trail map
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 ECTA trail map 

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 2. Riverbend & Page School:

   Outstanding walk along Merrimack River shoreline and throughout the Riverbend Conservation Area.  Watch for bald eagles and great blue herons.  Route connects River Road across the Indian River to Way-to-the-River Rd (1/2 mile).  Trails go to a large open field and beyond connecting to Route 113 near the Page School and over to the Indian River dam ruins.  New trails and bridges added in 2014 connect Riverbend West from the dam to Coffin Street.

 See RIVERBEND web page for maps and details


 3. Dunn Field:

   Purchased by the Town of West Newbury for municiple use with help from a State grant in 2002, Dunn Field contains over 70 acres of active farm land and forest.  Trails connect to Pipestave Hill athletic fields and to Chase Street with access to the Ocean Meadow development.

   Dunn Field Trail Map

  4. Withers Conservation Area

     Contains 24 acres of town-owned conservation land acquired in 1969.  Withers Conservation Area offers scenic, shoreline views along the Upper Artichoke Reservoir and connects to a loop thru the forest.  Fishing is permitted.  Access trail using right-of-way next to Insight Meditation Center on Middle Street or park across the bridge on Plumber Spring Road in Newburyport.

  Withers Conservation Area Trail Map


 5. Atherton Trail & Pikes Bridge Road

     Enter the Atherton Trail accross the street from Greenbelt's parking lot on Indian Hill Road.  Connects to Pikes Bridge Road, a quiet woods road connecting Garden Street to Turkey Hill Road.  The road has changed little since colonial times and offers a scenic 1/2 mile walk past the Artichoke River.  In May 2014, the 23 acre Atherton land was put into conservation.  $25,000 in Town CPA funds were used to help with the purchase.  See Daily News, April 2014 and links below for details.

  Atherton Trail Map
  ECTA trail map and information

Large sugar maples near top of hill

 6. Indian Hill Conservation Area:

   Contains 315 acres of land acquired by Greenbelt.  Trailhead located at parking lot located on Indian Hill Road.  Short but steep 1/4 mile walk up hill provides scenic views of Newburyport and ocean (in winter).  Large stone walls still remain, once used to support formal gardens.  From the summit, a series of trails descend and connect near dam along shoreline of Indian Hill Reservoir.  Take shoreline walk to Moulton Street or use Greenbelt's Walker Trail to reach the South Street Woodlots Trail.

  Greenbelt Indian Hill Trail Map

View of lake from Moulton Street


 7. Indian Hill Reservoir:

   Walk or bike the 1 mile paved road to reach the dam.  From there, a trail hugs the shoreline and enters a network of trails going up to the summit of Indian Hill.  No boating or swimming.  Fishing is permitted on the shoreline.  The reservoir is part of Newburyport's public water supply.  The lake has easy public access all along Moulton Street. 

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 ECTA trail map and information



  8. South Street Woodlots Trail

   Property owned by Essex County Greenbelt.  This site features a new trail constructed in 2013 on four contiguous parcels of conserved land, totaling 30 acres. The trail is about a mile in length and includes 3 sections of boardwalk through wetlands, each between 100 and 140 feet long.  The "Cliff" and other large bedrock outcrops found in this forest are part of the Clinton-Newbury Fault.

 South Street Woodlots map      Greenbelt website

 Click the links to right to see ECGA Maps...   9. Ordway Reservation:

   Essex County Greenbelt's Ordway Reservation contains 55 acres of woods near Interstate 95.  The property is located along the edge of the historic Common Pasture and supports a diversity of wildlife habitat, including open fields, upland forest and extensive freshwater marshlands.


   Greenbelt trail map of Ordway Reservation
   ECTA trail map and information

 Entrance to cemetery on Turkey Hill Road  10. Quaker Cemetery:

   Short, one minute walk passing through an old  cemetery, grown over by forest.  Trail leads to the Upper Artichoke Reservoir.  Great views of the lake along the shoreline.  Popular spot for fishing.  Take the 'Fisherman's Trail' to avoid walking through the tombstones.  Quaker Cemetery is located on Turkey Hill Road, next to the Newburyport city line.  No boating or swimming.

 See more photos  No map available

 Hemlocks on top of hilly outcrops   11. Crane Pond Wildlife Management Area:

   Protected headwaters of the Parker River, this huge forest stretches across the towns of West Newbury, Newbury, Groveland and Georgetown.  The trails are unmarked, so take a map or compass if venturing far.  Great for mountain biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.  Popular too for birding and other wildlife observation.  Hunting is permitted (except on Sundays), so wear orange when entering these woods.  In West Newbury, parking is available at the end of Georgetown Road near the Groveland town line.

See more photos   Crane Pond WMA Trail Map
   Massachusetts DFW Map   Groveland MVPC Map

 Pine forest with fern understory   12. Brake Hill & Groveland Town Forest:

   Highest point in West Newbury (Elev. 258').  From Hill Top Circle, the main trail leads through the red gate and up a gravel road to a water tower.  Several trails veer left off the gravel road into the Craven Woods, which then connect to a loop extending into the Groveland Town Forest.  Parking available along the street near 19 Hill Top Circle or on Brake Hill Terrace near Route 113.

 See more photos  Brake Hill Trail Map             Webelos Trail Project
   ECTA Trail Map and Information

 Sandy shoreline along Merrimack River   13. Chestnut Hill Farm Reservation:

  Protected by a conservation restriction in 2007, this site features easy walking on grass pathways with river views from the overlook.  This is also another good birding site, with access to the Merrimack shoreline.  Parking lot is located at end of Farm Lane.  The public space lies beyond the parking area and east of the house.  No dogs, horses, bikes, fishing, hunting or boating allowed please.
See more photos   Chestnut Hill Farm Reservation Trail Map
   ECTA Trail Map and Information

  14. River Meadow Conservation Area:

 Part of the Whetstone Greenway, this small parcel was set aside for open space when the neighborhood was first developed and provides public access to the Merrimack River.  The shoreline features large shaded trees and is suitable for kayaks or canoes when the tide is high.  Please respect private property and do not access the easement with the community dock.
   Whetstone Greenway Trail Map 

  15: Mullen Woods:

The 34 acre Mullen Property features a trail loop connecting Church Street to Main Street.  A short 20 to 30 minute walk passes thru a scenic forest and up a ridge behind Prospect Street.  Park and access the trail at the Carr Post building on Main Street (also called the American Legion). 
  Mullen Woods Trail Map 

  16. Ferry Lane Park & State Boat Ramp:

Located at the corner of Church and Bridge Street next to the Rocks Village Bridge, this site provides public access to the Merrimack River and is a popular spot to picnic or to fish for shad and stripped bass in Spring.  The existing boat ramp is in poor condition and parking for boat trailers is limited.  Beginning in 2014, the Selectmen have assigned a task force to work with town residents and the Massachusetts Fish & Game Dept. to see what options are best to improve this area.


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